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Top 4 Ways Dental Implants Will Change Your Life

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When your Surrey Dentist suggests the idea of dental implants, it’s important to listen to every word the professional has to say. Dental Implants make a positive impact in all aspect of your life. The countless benefits will be yours once the implants are in place. Here are the top four examples to keep in mind.

1. Chewing Won’t Be Painful

The condition of your teeth made it necessary to learn how to chew on one side of the mouth. With those teeth now in poor condition, even that measure is not enough to avoid pain while chewing. The result is that you’ve begun to avoid foods that were once a welcome part of the diet.

Once you have those new dental implants in position, chewing is not an ordeal. Allow the gums to heal and then have whatever you like. There’s still the need to avoid chewing on anything that would damage real teeth, but most of your favorites will once again be on the menu.

2. Your Mouth Simply Doesn’t Hurt

Since the pain developed gradually, you may not be aware of how much better your mouth feels until the implants are actually in position. Badly damaged teeth trigger all sorts of discomfort. Once they are removed and replaced with the implants, those triggers are no longer present. The result is that your mouth feels better even when you are not attempting to chew anything.

3. Words Will Be Easier to Pronounce

Have you ever considered how teeth make an impact on the ability to enunciate certain words. Most people don’t realize what a difference teeth make until they are no longer present. If you’ve lost your natural teeth, it’s quickly apparent that certain words come out a little slurred. Even if you are careful, they are still difficult to pronounce.

Once the dental implants are in position, being able to speak clearly becomes easy once again. While it may take a little time to adjust, your diction will be much like it was in decades past. That makes it all the easier to participate in a conversation without being embarrassed if anyone is having trouble understanding what you have to say.

4. You Will Constantly Smile

Teeth in poor condition tend to make people less comfortable in social situations. You may find that it’s easier to remain quiet rather than possibly draw attention to your teeth. There may be times when you avoid going to a party or other event simply because you don’t want anyone to see those teeth.

Dr. Maru changes all that by installing dental implants. From the moment you see how nice the implants and caps look, you’ll feel like socializing again. Instead of holding back, you will relax and smile as broadly as you like. Knowing that no one will see a less than perfect set of teeth if you laugh out loud will make it easier to enjoy life to the fullest.

Are you unhappy with your teeth? Talk to Dr. Maru today about implants and what it would take to get them. One simple exam is all it takes to qualify you, and the process of installing the implants may be easier than you expect.

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