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Cheap Dental Implants – Is there Such a Thing?

 Cheap Dental Implants?

Remember the times you were often told how cheaper is not always good? Well the same could not be truer than in the context of dental implants!

After all, when it comes to dental implants, there can be a lot of quotes floating around, with dental professionals offering a wide array of sums for affixing implants to replace your missing teeth, with each quote significantly varying with another.

So what exactly is the catch? Well, it’s not so much a catch, but the differences largely are found in the quotes and what is included. It is important to compare “apples to apples” when it comes to quotes. As an instance, only a part of the entire dental implant process could be highlighted as the dental implant cost — when the actual cost, including all the various constituent elements which go on to building the total cost, could possibly be many times over.

An appropriate instance of a quote would be when only the cost of the implant itself – the titanium post, would be indicated as the overall cost of getting a dental implant done. In reality, you could also incur additional costs for the porcelain tooth which will be affixed to the implant, consulting fees, CT scans, as well as additional bone grafting costs (which can be significant) if the bone on which the implant would be fitted is not strong enough to accept it. The second quote could be more accurately called a “treatment” quote, of which the titanium post is only one part of the entire process.

Identifying the Best Quote

The most important thing that you can do when reviewing a quote is to ask questions. Is this the final price? Will I need any other diagnostic tests or work prior to getting the implant? Are they included in the quote? Don’t be afraid to go over anything that you don’t understand. It’s your health, and it’s our business to help!

Remember that by and large, in this part of the world, it is highly improbable to find dental implant quotations which are below $2,000 for a single implant placement. So, if say you receive a quotation which is $1,000 or even below that, it’s a good idea to ask those questions so you are not surprised by unexpected costs.

Beyond the average figure of $2,000 for a single implant, there could be innumerable quotations based on say the number of implants you require, the extent of bone loss or bone damage, the reputation and “how busy” the dentist happens to be and so on. Take all of these factors into consideration, look up independent third party reviews of the dentist in question, in order to eventually obtain a fairly accurate picture of the viability of the quotation that is being offered to you.

Hassle-Free, no Obligation Dental Implant Consultation

The Dr. Maru Advantage lies in complete transparency with regard to dental treatment costs – at ALL times.

Essentially, if you or loved ones are missing teeth or simply want to know more information about dental implants, you can freely contact Dr. Maru on 604-585-4044 or simply fill out our online dental implant form for a no obligation, hassle-free consultation.

If you are missing teeth or would simply like more information about dental implants, please contact Dr. Maru at 604-585-4044 to schedule a Dental Implant</b consultation or simply fill out our online dental form.

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