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Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

dentures vs dental implants

Losing your teeth can be a difficult ordeal. The fact that such a thing can exacerbate personal or social issues at least luckily means that there are a few solutions to consider. But which ones are better for you and your wallet? Dentures have always been the staple tool to aid individuals with missing teeth, but concerns are now arising as to how beneficial they really are for you. Many dental professionals are now making the case for dental implants as a much better and safer alternative. Although we have come a long way from what typical dentures used to be made of, the inability to ensure that they firmly and securely stay in your mouth causes problems of discomfort and insecurity to denture owners. Also, the great deal of maintenance required to keep them in working condition as well as the fact that they must be eventually replaced every so often makes owning and wearing dentures a hassle.The “far superior alternative to dentures” is being argued as we speak to be dental implants. One procedure, easy regular tooth maintenance, and the promise of a new smile for a lifetime without the need of replacements — the case for dental implants definitely is certainly an enticing one. The health benefits to be seen almost immediately, when switching from dentures, is also something to behold. Cost-wise, it is true that dental implants look to be the more expensive option at first, but when considering the extra costs of adhesives, fixatives, and replacements associated with owning dentures, it actually becomes the more lucrative solution as well.

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dentures vs dental implants

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