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Dentures are not the Answer

Denture Alternatives

Are you one of those millions around the world who have lost their teeth to age related edentulism, or tooth loss, and are still hoping to live life the way you did – when you had a complete set of fully functional teeth, without resorting to dentures?

If you responded in the affirmative, you can take recourse to the fact that today there are suitable denture alternatives which can allow you to easily live as enriching and fulfilling a life as you did when your teeth were all in place.

In fact there are specialized denture alternative entities which have taken on the mantle of saving society from all the perils that come with losing teeth…be it the inability to consume food with the same level of ease which comes with having teeth, or a general lack of confidence that has been shattered by a perceived distortion of appearance.

Under such circumstances, we find organizations like Nobel Biocare striving hard to make life a whole lot easier for this large subset of society, with unique products like NobelSmile which can easily serve as permanent alternatives to dentures.

How do these denture replacement solutions work?

Denture replacement solutions like the one from Nobel Biocare work on the principle of affixing an entire dental bridge with at least four dental implants. That way this unique denture alternative gets permanently fixed in the mouth, doing away with the need for denture adhesive as well.

Moreover, Nobel Biocare has worked things out in such a way that these implants give a feeling of having natural roots at the bottom, thus mirroring the entire experience of having natural teeth.

Are such implants safe?

Well, alternatives to dentures such as NobelSmile are not entirely new to the market in the first place. Rather, they have been around for a fairly long time and the experience for all those opting for these implants has indeed been a very pleasant one. That in many ways alone affirms the safety that these implants embody.

Further, if we are to look at real life case studies, one of the best instances would be that of Gösta Larsson, the first documented recipient of a dental implant, back in 1965. In his case, having been edentulous for a very long time, affixing of dental implants ensured that he lived a fuller life for more than 40 years, till his death in 2006.

But what about costs?

Dental implants are a whole lot cheaper than what they are perceived to be. Additionally, being a onetime process, there aren’t any of the recurring expenses typically associated with dentures.

So even if you as a patient are to incur more expenses in the case of these dental implants vis-à-vis dentures, bear in mind the fact that in the long run you will only be saving money.

How has the uptake been of these dental implants?

Well, the uptake of these dental implants has been nothing short of phenomenal, often recommended through word of mouth, on the basis of very positive feedback and personal experience that gets passed on from one end user to another.

After all, as we mentioned right at the outset, the prevalence of edentulism globally is simply striking and growing with voracious pace, every single day. As longevity plays an increasing part wherein more of us live longer than ever before, we nonetheless face the daunting task of having to deal with non-functional or simply non-existent teeth.

In such a scenario, dentures seem the common and relatively easy way out but at the same time come with numerous perils of their own including poor fitting inside the mouth, the inability to enjoy food and drink, and of course a heightened diminution of self-confidence.

Against such a backdrop, dental implant improvisations like NobelSpeedy and NobelActive have come as a true breath of fresh air which do not prevent the user from doing any of the activities that the person in question indulged in, when teeth were intact.

With such a robust background to these dental implants, it is no surprise that their uptake has been extremely high and will continue to remain robust in the future as well, especially when more of the general populace will go on to face a grim edentulous situation.

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