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In-dept Look at Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant costs do not have fixed costs as such; prices vary considerably depending on a whole host of varied factors. Having said that, there are specific aspects which can help you ascertain exactly how much dental implants cost while also allowing you to gauge with some degree of accuracy as to whether or not the quote that you’re being offered can actually be considered as viable and plausible.

Individual Requirement

The individual requirement at hand can actually end up making a world of difference as far as costs are concerned. Remember that no dental implant solution is actually etched in stone and completely routine. Instead, all dental implant requirements are on an individual basis wherein the needs would differ significantly from patient to patient, which in turn would have a direct bearing on overall costs.

For example, not all patients would need extraction, sinus lifts, bone grafts or tissue grafts; all of these surgical procedures have a major bearing,  as far as actual dental implant costs are concerned. So depending on the need of the patient for these procedures, plus the actual number of dental implants which are required, costs can vary considerably.


Dental implant costs vary considerably from geography to geography. Typically, “western” or “advanced” countries like the US, UK, and Canada do tend to cost a whole lot more for the same dental procedures (like dental implants) vis-à-vis countries like Mexico, Thailand, India and other nations where medical advancements have been very limited.

At the same time, there is a greater realization among these “developed” or “advanced” nations to bring about a more rationalized structure as far as dentistry as a whole, and dental implants, in particular, are concerned.

For instance, if we look locally here in Canada, British Columbia in particular, especially in and around the Greater Vancouver Region, we find that dentists here are particularly taking a multitude of diversity initiatives to ensure that when it comes to overall dental costs and dental implant costs, in particular, they remain fairly affordable; keeping in mind factors such as the average income level of the general populace.

Getting down to some specific figures

While the above points provide a general perspective, it is pertinent that we quote some figures, which are largely approximate quotations received from dentists in various parts of the world, for dental implant procedures.

For instance, in the US a single dental implant often costs around $4,000, with many dentists quoting figures around this one. So for instance, if you need 6 dental implants, don’t be too surprised if you are offered an approximate quote of around $24,000 which may not even include the cost of other related procedures such as bone regeneration, cost of the crown, sinus elevation and so on.

Now if we are to look at the UK, we find that latest estimates suggest minimum dental implant costs of around £1,500 – £2,000, with other procedures costing extra such as £350 – £450 for gum grafting, £50 – £100 as consultation fees and so on. Again, like in the US, don’t be surprised if the final bill manages to touch £3,000 – £4,000 for a single implant, this time likely including other ancillary, related procedures.

The same procedures in geographies like Mexico, Guatemala, India, Thailand and other such markets where the medical profession and sterilization procedures are not as advanced, the price reflects the quality of the materials used and the expertise of the dentist. It should be noted that procedures are done in these countries often have to be redone when the person returns to their home country.


This article amply showcases typical dental implant costs and also gives you a thorough background into the constituents that typically go into forming the total cost of dental implants.

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