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NobelActive satisfies both the surgical and restorative clinicians’ needs.

NobelActive provides clinicians with maximum flexibility, both in placement and restorability, and its unique design expands treatment options.With its innovative tip and thread design, NobelActive slices through bone, unlike conventional self-tapping implants, which cut the bone as they tap. With NobelActive, bone condensing increases progressively with each turn as the threads widen.

This action, together with reverse-cutting flutes and apical drilling blades, enables clinicians to make fine adjustments to implant orientation during insertion in order to optimize the final position of the prosthetic connection—and all without jeopardizing this implant’s proven high initial stability.

With a strong, sealed, internal conical connection for abutment-supported restorations and an external platform for implant-level bridge restorations, the dual-function prosthetic connection has been designed to maximize soft tissue volume as well as restorative flexibility.

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