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NobelSpeedy Implants

NobelSpeedy Implants – A Case Study on All-on-4

Nobel Biocare has no doubt been at the forefront of dental implantology, with a wide variety of dental implants, crowns, and bridges on offer.

Among the numerous product offerings from Nobel Biocare are NobelSpeedy implants which are essentially a wide range of variety of unique and highly specialized implants from the company.

Their primary attraction lies in a discerning drilling functionality which is entirely unique to the patient which can be attuned as per the existing quality of bone. This, in turn, ensures that the overall time spread over which patients need to wait it out till dental implants can actually be placed is reduced considerably.

Among the numerous NobelSpeedy implant techniques, one of the most well-known – which has clearly come to the fore really quickly, is All-on-4, a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

This prosthetic medical procedure essentially involves the application of dental prosthesis over at least 12 teeth in the jaw while using only 4 titanium implants. That is how the procedure gets its name, All-on-4 since it is akin to having all one’s teeth suitably supported on just 4 titanium implants as opposed to having a whole host of them.

Time – the key advantage with All-on-4

One of the biggest advantages with All-on-4 is the enormous amount of time which is saved as a result of the process. Otherwise, with other dental implant procedures, a major issue is that of time since they take an enormous amount of time to actually reach a stage of fruition.

That is large because those in need of dental implants often have an additional problem of bone loss in the jaw. As a result, there is bone tissue which needs to be obtained from other parts of the body and then grafted onto the jawbone. This entire process can take a huge amount of time till dental implants can actually be placed.

Whereas, with All-on-4, it is as simple and straightforward as same day grafting since there is no time lag at all between the loaded prosthesis and the need for any prior grafting.

Other Dental Implant Advantages

The advantages with All-on-4 do not just end with the time factor. In fact, there are numerous other advantages which have together contributed towards bringing All-on-4 to the fore. Let us look at some of them here.

  • The tilted implants in the case of All-on-4 tend to take the overall load of prosthetics very well. This, in turn, implies that the durability factor of All-on-4 is immense.
  • The same tilted implants also bring about a certain amount of stability within the mouth, even in the face of minimal bone matter. This is one of the primary reasons for which All-on-4 has managed to obtain such wide acceptance.
  • Less discomfort experienced by patients with this procedure is again a major factor for its widespread acceptance since there is virtually no time lag at all from the time the procedure is planned till the time the prosthetics are placed.
  • The flexibility as experienced with All-on-4 is also immense whereby the options for crowns placed over the implants are plenty. Essentially, given the style and overall quality of these All-on-4 implants, whether it is fixed prostheses or individual crowns, either approach will work just fine.


Given the advantages as mentioned above about All-on-4, as well as the patient testimonies that have been received on it by the droves, clearly, All-on-4 is an ideal dental implant solution to opt for!

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