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Vancouver and District Dental Society Board Members

Vancouver and District Dental Society Board Members

The Vancouver and District Dental Society (VDDS) boasts an impressive team of dental professionals who are all committed to their patient’s long-term oral health. Here are its members and their many esteemed accomplishments.

Dr. Vincent Hartloper

The past president, Dr. Vincent Hartloper, graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1996 and before establishing a private practice in Yaletown, Vancouver, also practiced in Victoria. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Vancouver Crown and Bridge Study Club, and the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and his focus is on restorative dentistry. Dr. Hartloper has made a commitment to increasing and improving dental education. He enjoys tennis, skiing, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two sons. Taking his place as the current president as of now is Dr. Ikbal Virji.

Dr. Joy Maru

Dr. Joy Maru is the current President of the VDDS and is a dentist at The Dental Group at Central City in Surrey BC. He graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago in 1997 and currently practices in Surrey, British Columbia. He is also a part-time instructor at the University of British Columbia for which he received the part-time faculty teaching award for 2011-2012. He has also been a member of an extensive list of clubs, including ones involving prosthodontic, periodontics, and implant studies.

Clubs aside, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists welcomes Dr. Maru as an honorary member as well. In terms of dental implants, he has been placing them for almost 15 years for over 1000 patients. His patients are not just limited to BC but extend throughout North America as well, all the while maintaining his professional mission of honesty, kindness, and integrity for everyone. Not only does Dr. Maru always try to ameliorate his skills in the workplace, but also takes on challenges outside of oral care in the forms of running and road cycling. An avid golfer too, he enjoys traveling to warm destinations with his family to do just that. Finally, his ultimate goal is to give as much as he can back to the community of Surrey that he says has given him so much.

Dr. Esther Tam

Dr. Esther Tam, DMD, MSD, FRCD (C) received her DMD in 2003 and her MSD and certificate in endodontics in 2006 from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Currently a part-time clinical instructor in endodontics at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, she is also a member of the Canadian Dental Association, Royal College of Dentists in Canada, and the American Association of Endodontists. As of 2013, Dr. Tam will be opening an Endodontic Practice in Dallas, Texas.

There is no doubt that each and every member of the VDDS sports various and impressive scholarly titles, awards, accolades, and interests. However, ribbons and medals do not equate the amount of care and dedication a dental professional has. The reason why these members were chosen to be an essential part of VDDS is that they take their personal accomplishments a step further through helping the community on a much larger scale and are also determined to continue to educate the bright young minds of tomorrow.

Dr. Jim X. Chen

Dr. Jim X. Chen is the current Treasurer. He obtained a Bachelor of Medicine upon graduating from the Shanghai Second Medical School of Stomatology in 1985. From dental hospital residency he moved to practicing general dentistry, and before immigrating to Canada in 1994 was a clinical instructor and business advisor for a dental materials manufacturer. Canada did not impede his thirst for education one bit. He obtained his MBA and managed a business in a multinational pharmaceutical company but then decided to re-establish his dental career in Vancouver. Dr. Chen currently practices in Coquitlam and Richmond, BC and enjoys reading, skiing, yoga, and traveling with his wife.

Dr. John Rogers

Dr. John Rogers is the Corporate Secretary. Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, he graduated from the University of Toronto dental school in 1983 which was followed by several year stints of dentistry in Burnaby. From 1991-1992 he worked for the health department in Papua, New Guinea as the chief dental officer. A traveling veteran, he has practiced dentistry all over the world. He now resides and practices in White Rock, BC where he is determined to stay (for now!). Passionate about his family, he also enjoys skiing, traveling, photography, and scuba diving.

Directors of VDDS

The Directors of the VDDS include Dr. Pamela Barias, Dr. Vivian Y. Chow, Dr. Anita Gartner, Dr. Esther Tam, and Dr. Belinda Weltman. Dr. Barias is a board-certified specialist in prosthodontics, receiving her dental degree from New York University and completed a residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Lutheran Medical Center in New York. This is also where she was awarded for Excellence in Implant Dentistry. Her specialty program was completed at the University of Illinois in Chicago, even further advancing her training in restorations both complex conventional and implant supported. As if that weren’t enough, Dr. Barias takes time to be a clinical instructor at the UBC Dental School and a staff Prosthodontist at the BC Cancer Agency.

Dr. Vivian Chow

Dr. Vivian Chow graduated with honors with a DDS from the University of Western Ontario, also located in the province she calls home. Her accolades include a Gold Medal in Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Miller Thompson Foundation Scholarship, and was also a Rhode Scholar finalist. She has been a member of VDDS since her graduation but is also a board member of the BCDA Oral Health Month Committee and part-time clinical instructor at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Chow is a lover of food and wine with good company as well as an accomplished violinist, pianist, and flutist. She enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, traveling, and hiking.

Dr. Anita Gartner

Dr. Anita Gartner is a Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. In BC, Dr. Gartner serves on the Dental Association’s Direct Care Sub Task Force and the WinDMP Mentorship Program. Extending beyond Canada, she is an active member of Pediatric Study Clubs in Seattle, Washington as well. Working for the community at heart, Dr. Gartner has organized the Open Wide Volunteer Dental Day at CDI College in conjunction with UBC, BCDA, the Salvation Army and YMCA in order to provide more access to at-risk community members. Aside from dental aid, her interests also surround child development, empowering children, and IV and oral sedation in conjunction with reducing pain and anxiety in children.

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